The most important resource within any Early Years environment is the team that looks after the children. Within Rainbow Smiles our primary objective is to have motivated individuals who have a genuine passion for childcare.

In order to achieve this objective we have adopted a number of processes to ensure that our team are able to provide a high level for the children:

Recruitment: Recruitment at Rainbow Smiles is an extensive three phase process, where we assess any prospective team member suitability within their role. Our objective is to assess their passion and motivation for pursuing a career in childcare, as well as to obtain a firm understanding of their individual personality, in order to ensure that they can be a positive influence on the children, as well as an effective team member.

Career Development: Within Rainbow Smiles there is a large emphasis on career development. As such we encourage and support all our Practitioners to develop further, either through:

  • Undertaking further courses – This approach has seen major benefits as a good proportion of our team are undertaking degrees, within the Early Years Sector.
  • Additional responsibilities.

The combined effect of this strategy is to provide greater focus to our team


At Rainbow Smiles we value the single most important factor in childcare. The people looking after them. A motivated carer will be a positive influence on the child's development. Hence great care and consideration has been taken in selecting equipment that will allow Carer's to complete the more mundane tasks quickly and efficiently, whilst also allowing them to focus more on interacting and developing the children. This philosophy can be clearly demonstrated in the Nursery's investment in producing a revolutionary Information Technology solution, which significantly reduces the vast administrative burden placed on the modern day Early Years Practitioner, however this is not at the expense of the quality or quantity of information recorded. In reality there is a marked improvement on the quality and quantity of information recorded, whilst allowing the Practitioners to focus on their number one priority i.e. The Children

Our philosophy on childcare is now enabling us to attract individuals who are as passionate about childcare as we are. This is reflected in the high number of individuals within Rainbow Smiles, who are undertaking a Level 6 Vocational Childcare qualification in order that they are able to develop a career in childcare. Our team are provided the opportunity to develop their skills to other areas of the Early Year environment, this has meant that Rainbow Smiles is committed to a high Staff to Child ratio, as we believe this career development should not be at the expense of the care the children receive..

Our commitment to excellence is also reflected in our rigorous recruitment procedure, which involves any prospective Practitioner passing all the following elements in the recruitment process in order to undertake a Practitioners role at Rainbow Smiles:

3 Tiered Interview process.
Suitable references.
Successful completion of a Criminal Record Bureau check.

An integral part within Rainbow Smiles philosophy is ensuring that we can maintain a positive partnership with every child’s Parents, as we firmly believe a positive relationship here will only improve the level of care each child will receive from both the nursery and home environment.

At Rainbow Smiles we have looked to reinforce this relationship through various methods, such as:

Flexibility – In developing strong partnerships, we believe it is important to be flexible where possible to meet the individual needs of the family. This is perfectly illustrated in our policy allow to Parents to swap their child’s attendance day if possible.
Transparency – As a Nursery we believe that becoming more transparent is actually much more beneficial for the setting itself, as we can then tap into the most important resource for every the child, i.e. The Parents.
With this in mind Rainbow Smiles has developed a unique internet based Parent Portal, which provides in-depth reports with respect to the care your child receives, whilst at nursery, whilst also providing detailed information on their child’s development.

Throughout your child's time with us, we will document their journey of learning and development in their 'Incredible Learning Journal'. This is unique to them and enables us to discuss our observations with you and offers you the opportunity to give us feedback on how your child is developing at home. Sharing information between home and nursery is useful for parents and staff as it provides a complete picture of your child's learning and helps us to tailor our nursery programme to the best effect.

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