Rainbow Smiles is a State of the Art Children's Day Nursery catering for Children from the ages of 3 months to 5 Years Old. The Nursery Ethos is summed up in the statement "Where Only the Best Will Do", as we appreciate that choosing a suitable Nursery for your child is the most important decision any Parent will have to make, as the Early Years of any child life are the most important for the child’s long term development. As such our primary aim is to provide the highest level of care for each and every child who attends our Nursery. In pursuit of this objective we have realised that the most important factor associated in achieving this goal, is the interaction between ALL our team and the children.

A motivated Practitioner will be a positive influence on the Child's Development. Hence great care and consideration has been taken in selecting equipment that will allow Practitioner's to complete the more mundane tasks quickly & efficiently whilst also allowing them to focus more on developing the child. Our commitment to excellence is enabling us to attract individuals who are as passionate about childcare as we are.

In creating a comfortable and nurturing environment, special attention focuses on the design and layout of the traditional areas of childcare environment to achieve the full potential benefits for both children and carers. This is reflected from the complete redesigning of the internal & external layout of the large Victorian house to the choice of the outdoor play equipment, with great care being taken in order to produce a safe, secure and comfortable environment that is conducive to a child's development.

Similarly a wide range of suitable equipment has also been installed from suitable Information Technology Solutions e.g. CCTV, Touch Screen Smart Boards systems to using furniture designed specifically for the Early Years environment, which allows the children to explore in a safe and secure environment. The Nursery also possesses a wide range of resources in order that we are able to engage the children more effectively, thereby reinforcing our ‘Learning through Play’ approach to childcare.

At Rainbow Smiles we also value our Partnership with the Parent’s, hence there has been a major focus in this area in order to ensure that both the Nursery and Parents can work together as one unit, in order to provide the highest level of care for the children. As such we have invested heavily in creating systems that makes the day to day operational running of the Nursery much more transparent for the Parents through an online portal. Our belief being that if the Parents can understand the daily activities, and long term objective of the Nursery for their child, then we can work effectively as a one unit to ensure that their child can reach their full potential.


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